Sustainable, stylish & functional

Toys designed to last & allow kids to be kids.

With eco-friendly, durable and stylish toys at the forefront of our creation, at My Imagination Toys we’re passionate about providing premium quality toys that are made to last and allow kids to be kids.

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We care about you and the environment too

That’s why we’ve curated a bunch of fun collections from some of the world’s best-selling toy brands for you to browse from. In these collections, you’ll find lots of design-led, sustainable toys that are both functional and safe for little hands.

With the little ones in mind, we’ve handpicked innovative and trendy toys and games, all of which are non-digital, to encourage them to play, learn and create. We hope you love what we’ve so carefully selected with so much love, time and passion.

We’re a small team of authentic people

Our goal is for you to have as much fun shopping with us as your little ones will with their new favourite toys. From our website to your doorstep, we take pride in providing a simply effortless shopping experience.

Learning & play go hand in hand

We’ve curated this collection of toys that promote the development of skills for the growing minds of your little dreamers. From aspiring chefs to little shop owners, you’ll find something that allows the little ones to imitate what us adults do & show us that they can do it too!

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