It is Boogie Mites’ mission to offer early years educators and parents the knowledge, confidence and resources to harness the brain boosting power of music and movement every day, building strong foundations for thriving in a school environment.

Boogie Mites write songs and develops music activities to provide high-quality music programmes and education for early years practitioners and families, to help children learn, grow and develop through the joy of music.

Underpinned by our Boogie Mites ABCD Music Methodology, and neuroscience research, we introduce children to the world of active music-making, creating a stimulating, engaging and fun environment where daily music-based activities benefit the progression of sound processing, rhythmic awareness, attention and listening, language and literacy, maths, social skills, self-confidence and creative expression.

We have a vision of making a real difference to early years education globally through the power of music, starting children on a lifelong love of music, language and literacy, with all the associated wellness and cognitive, wellbeing and health benefits.

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Boogie Mites Babies Programme

We are all born with an intrinsic beat within us – the steady beat of our heart is the foundation of life, and we all have an innate rhythmic potential that needs to be exercised to fully develop.

Sound is one of the first senses to form and our sound processing system is a superpower when it comes to cross brain development:

“The processing of sound drives many of the brains core functions – how we think, feel, move and combine our senses” Nina Kraus, Brainvolts Auditory Research Laboratory, North Western University, USA.

Music is a fundamental part of being human. We use the inbuilt network in our brains to begin to understand the world from birth, our world is full of sound right from the start of life. Giving babies musical experiences and activities from birth boosts the development of neural networks across the brain, boosting memory, attention, reward, ready for the more complicated task of learning to speak and read. It also lays foundations for mathematical thinking, self-regulation, emotional expression, confidence….

In other words – babies need music in order to thrive and lay strong foundations for future learning. Adults also need music to continue to exercise sound processing and rhythmic awareness skills, and to boost mood!

Boogie Mites Babies Programme is packed full of upbeat original songs, rhymes and activities, making it a fantastic resource for parents that can be used to enhance bonding, whilst having fun and supporting their baby’s and their own mental and physical health.

Available as either a digital download pack, or a physical CD and booklet with a digital download option, our Babies Programme contains 21 Boogie Mites original songs and traditional songs with a Boogie Mites twist, all designed to stimulate early communication skills and sensory awareness in babies from birth to crawling.

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