Your baby’s umbilical cord could change their life

Re-growing organs, healing wounds and curing cancer may sound like science fiction but they are fast becoming science fact – all because of stem cells.


These powerful cells are helping your baby to grow in the womb. But they can also continue to protect them after birth, and even into old age.


Your baby’s umbilical cord could:

  • Treat autism, cerebral palsy and more

  • Make new organs and muscle

  • Kill cancer cells

You have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to keep these cells, in the precious few moments after baby arrived. To protect them and even other members of the family, for the rest of their life.


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Stem cell therapies

Currently there are over 7,000 clinical trials worldwide researching stem cell therapies and treatments to combat diseases... 

Current research

  • Autism

  • Brain Injury

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Hearing Loss

  • Bone Fractures

  • Burns

  • Stroke

  • Arthritis

  • Crohn’s Disease

  • Heart Attack

  • Liver Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Lung Disease

Current treatments

Metabolic Disorders:

Krabbe Disease; Hurler Syndrome


Blood Cancers:

Leukaemia; Lymphoma; Myeloma

Solid Tumour:



Immune Disorders:

SCID; Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome


Blood Disorders:

Sickle Cell Anaemia; Aplastic Anaemia; Fanconi Anaemia

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Your baby’s richest source of stem cells (ever)

Perfect Match

Your baby’s cord blood is their perfect biological match – without the risk of rejection that would come with other transplants. It could also be a match for a siblings, and a good enough match for parents.


100% Safe

Umbilical cord blood banking is completely risk-free, and non-invasive, yet could protect your baby for the rest of their life. In fact, the procedure takes place in another room after the third stage of labour, so it does not have an impact on your birthing plan.

Unique Stem Cells

Cord blood banking preserves your baby’s most powerful stem cells. These cells have the ability to treat more than 80 conditions and are the subject of more than 7,600 clinical trials for various regenerative therapies.


Once in a Lifetime

The stem cells in your baby’s umbilical cord and placenta are the most potent that they will ever have, yet every year hospital disgard these without a second thought.

These stem cells can become almost any tissue type in the body and may even be used to regrow entire organs. Banking cord blood ensures that your baby will be able to benefit from the future of stem cell medicine.

“The chances of finding a stem cell match in a public cord blood bank can be as low as 30% and for some ethnic groups, as low as1 in 500,000. Private cord blood banking ensures your child’s perfect match is ready and waiting, whenever they need it.”


Naomi Isted

Style and Beauty Presenter & columnist

“My friend had recommended Cells4Life as a reliable and trustworthy cord blood bank. As soon as I read into the service there was no way I wouldn’t use this for the future health of my baby and family. What is on offer is incredible and their service is second to none. I was so impressed with the entire team and cannot recommend them and the benefits of Umbilical Stem Cell blood bank storage enough. This is potentially life changing for you and your family.”


Kim Bromwich

Paediatric Surgical Nurse & Mum of four

“I knew it was something we had to do. Leo’s stem cells are now stored and ready should he ever need them. It was reassuring to know that they may even be a match for his big sisters if ever they were ill.”


Georgia Woods

Mum of four

“Cord blood banking is an investment into the future of our new family. Stem cell storage was always part of our long term plan but after completing our research into my own condition and learning what it is that makes cord blood stem cells so special, I knew immediately that we made the right decision. This is all about safeguarding the future of our new family and ensuring that we can all live a normal, happy life. As new stem cell therapies develop, I’m confident that our decision will enable my family and I to make the most of them.”

What our customers say

The Cells4Life Difference


3x more cells

Exclusive to Cells4Life in the UK, CellsPlus provides 2-3 times more stem cells at the point of recovery compared to other industry leading technologies available in the UK.* The number of cells is crucial, as it can affect how successful a stem cell treatment will be. The more stem cells that you can capture for your child, the better the protection for their health in the future.

Multiple treatments

Cells4Life gives you the option to store cord blood and cord tissue in multiple samples. We can thaw just the amount required for a treatment and leave the rest in storage for future therapies.


The UK’s only placenta storage bank

Cells4Life is the only placenta storage bank in the UK so you can choose both placenta and cord blood banking and maximise the therapeutic possibilities of your baby’s samples. With Cells4Life, you can maximise the number and types of cells your child has access to, now and in the future.  

Optimised for delayed cord clamping

Most cord blood processing systems cannot process small volumes of blood left after delayed & optimal cord clamping. As such, cord blood banking is often incompatible with these birth choices. CellsPlus can process even very small quantities of cord blood. It delivers 3 times more stem cells than our next best service, Cells, so samples are equivalent to larger ones processed using other systems.

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